MaMa Conference - Glasgow (UK)


Many midwifery and birth organisations are facing real challenges in thier countries with restrictions put on the choices mothers can make for thier maternity care, this is why we need to support each other to strengthen our ability to be the service families need and want. With this in mind we would like to bring to your attention an event being held in Glasgow Scotland, on the 3rd & 4th May 2019. Now in its 9th year the annual MaMa Conference is the largest independent conference organised by, and run by, midwives in the UK.  Each year we have 500+ delegates from many different countries attend, world class expert speakers and presenters, an exhibition, interactive sessions and an awards ceremony. Now in its 9th year we want to increase the focus and remit of the event to incude international organisations and thier members. .

We have discounted by 50% on the cost of previous years to allow greater access for delegates from more organisations and countries.

This means that the whole event is reduced to:  £120 (135 Euro/$155 USD) for 2 full days including all sessions, catering, refreshments and lunch.

The city of Glasgow has a large international airport and many very good public transport links. The venue for the event is in the city centre and there are many options for accomodation close by to suit all budgets. Tickets can be purchased via our website:

For more informatie on the conference: MaMa invite 2019