Maternal obesity and pre-eclampsia: common pathways - Amsterdam, NL

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Thema en data

5 en 6 november 2019

Pre-eclampsia, a multi-system disorder particular to human pregnancy, is a leading cause of maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality, and is one of the most difficult challenges facing obstetric medicine. The World Obesity Federation has run a biennial Hot Topics conference on Maternal Obesity since 2013 and, due to the link with clinical and translational research on this theme, this year’s event will be a joint meeting with the Biochemical Society. The themes of this 2019 meeting in Amsterdam will be maternal obesity and maternal hypertensive complications including preeclampsia. The aim of this conference will be to address the independent and joint roles of maternal adiposity and insulin resistance in the aetiology of pre-eclampsia.

Programma en inschrijvingen

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