Tweedaagse workshop Recipes for Normal Birth door Sara Wickham - Turnhout

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Tweedaagse workshop op maandag 12 en dinsdag 13 september 2016


Paterspand, Patersstraat 100, 2300 Turnhout


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Maximum 30 deelnemers.


I don’t know about you, but I didn’t go on a course to learn how to cook. I learned over a long time.  I learned from watching other people, trying things myself, gleaning recipes for meals I liked and then tweaking them according to the circumstances.  I continue to learn and to adapt my knowledge as I go…

I think it’s a bit the same with birth. Of course, most midwives these days gain their initial education via formal programmes, but a lot of the real learning goes on elsewhere.  It happens when we’re with women, when we pick up tips from our colleagues and when we take time out to get a different perspective on our experiences. 

That’s why my most popular workshop is titled ‘Recipes for Normal Birth'.  Like lots of other people, I think it’s important to focus on helping as many women as possible to have a normal birth, including those women who have more complex needs, but I don’t think there’s any kind of cookbook, prescription or pathway that is right for every woman.  I think we need to move away from thinking that routine practices are the answer, and to stay positive by getting realistic about what we can and cannot control.  We need to understand the basic ingredients, know how to adapt them when things aren’t going to plan, and have a kitbag of resources to draw upon when something a bit extra is needed.

In this two-day workshop, we'll start out by looking at the latest evidence relating to the question of what keeps birth normal, and we’ll identify and discuss the key areas that need to be addressed locally. We will look in depth at two of the big issues – post-term pregnancy and assessing progress in labour – and we’ll have small and large group discussions about recipes, hints, tips and tricks from practice.

If you bring your experience, questions and a willingness to sit in circle with midwives who share your passion for being with women, I'll bring the chocolate and a smorgasbord of ideas, questions, discussion topics and activities that we can explore together. My hope is that you will leave the workshop feeling better equipped and re-invigorated.


Day 1:

9u00:  Doors open for registration and coffee
9u30:  Introductions
10u00: Exploring the evidence: what keeps birth normal?
11u30: Coffee break
12u00: What are the local issues?
13u00: Lunch
14u00: Cervical wisdom and assessing progress in labour
15u00: Tea break
15u20: Group practice scenarios and circle discussion
16u30: Day 1 ends
Day 2:
9u00:   Doors open for registration and coffee
9u30:   Post-term pregnancy: what is the evidence?
11u00: Coffee break
11u30: Developing confidence with evidence.
13u00: Lunch
14u00: Sharing our recipes: tips, tricks and sowing seeds
15.00: Tea break
15u20: Circle discussion
16u30: Day 2 ends

What to bring...

These workshops are designed to be informal and relaxed, and they will involve a practical tip here and there. You may wish to wear comfortable clothes (though please be assured there are no compulsory practical exercises!) and I am very happy for people to bring a beanbag or floor cushion if that would be more comfortable. I will be talking about the value of knitting, so please feel free to bring knitting or a craft project to work on while we chat. 

Sara’s Bio:

Dr Sara Wickham PhD, RM, MA, PGCert, BA(Hons) is a multi-passionate midwife, educator, writer and researcher who works independently, dividing her working time between speaking, writing, blogging, facilitating workshops, creating resources for  midwives, birth workers and women and undertaking a wide variety of consultancy projects and advisory activities.

Sara’s career has been varied and includes twenty years of experience as a midwife, lecturer and researcher.  She is the author/editor of fifteen books, has lectured in more than twenty countries, has been the editor of three midwifery journals and provides consultancy services for midwifery and health-related organisations around the world.

Sara developed the Recipes for Normal Birth workshop two years ago, as a way of creating a space for midwives to come together and focus on what keeps birth normal. The workshop has travelled all around England and further afield to Scotland, Wales, Eire, Iceland and Australia!

Sara’s website can be found at