Breastfeeding challenges: observation and assessment tools for better breastfeeding counseling - SmartEducation, Antwerpen - Van Der Valk


In this whole day workshop you will learn how to assess and observe breastfeeding sessions. Based on the knowledge of how to get a good start to breastfeeding we will look at challenges that can jeopardize this. By taking up a good breastfeeding anamnesis and doing systematic observations of the whole breastfeeding process, you will learn how to differentiate between symptoms and causes.

In order to give the best possible counselling, focusing on the cause of the problem instead of merely the symptoms will help you help the mother to reach her breastfeeding goals. The solution to the problems are often in the tiniest details that may often be overseen when doing breastfeeding observations. Here you will get tools to identify these details for the benefit of the breastfeeding dyad. 

  • Understanding the basic physiology of breastfeeding and what can affect this negatively
  • Learn how to take up a thorough breastfeeding anamnesis
  • Learn how to do a full breastfeeding observation step by step
  • Learn to differentiate between symptom and cause  
  • Understanding correlations between changes in the breastfeeding patterns and cause/origin of a breastfeeding problem

Docent: Tine Greve
Tijd: 09u-17u


260€ (ex btw), 30% korting indien betaling met KMO-Portefeuille

Inbegrepen: syllabus, lunch en koffiepauzes



Antwerpen - Van Der Valk


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