ESC Course on Modern Contraception - ESC, Belgrade (Serbia)


The Serbian Society for Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology invites you to the ESC Course on Modern Contraception, Belgrade, April 18-19, 2021


  • CHC sessions 1-4: Pharmacokinetics / detailed risk history/understand VTE and ATE risk; balance risks / benefits
  • IUD sessions 1-4: Types/ efficacy / impact on bleeding / PID risk/adverse events /manage pain during insertion/adolescents
  • POC sessions 1-4: Pill, implant, injection. Characteristics/ bleeding pattern / managing adverse events/ understand the difference to CHC
  • Male and female sterilization: Understand and learn to counsel
  • Medical condition 1-4: Learn how to advise women with HIV / depression/ breast cancer BRCA 1,2 / obesity/ after VTE / anorexia/ positive family histories / migraines/disabilities
  • Workshops: ENJOY to exercise your knowledge in group work during 4 workshops with complex cases






Hotel ZIRA, Belgrade, Serbia


Informatie en inschrijven

For more information: flyer and registration