Final conference of the European funded project: digital health literacy education for vulnerable groups - iHERE, Brussel


iHERE is a European-funded Erasmus+ program that stands for Digital HEalth liteRacy Education and runs for 24 months, between 2020-2022. The project involves partners from Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy and Belgium.

The project aims to facilitate the  access of the socially vulnerable groups into healthcare services and health promotion information through the familiarization of digital sources and tools. We believe this will ensure health improvement, disease prevention, medication adherence in a meaningful way and through the provision of needs and gaps tailored tools and training.

The project now has come to an end. To share our results, we would like to invite you to our final conference on Friday 7th of October 2022.




€59 (regular), €49 (students) – to be paid: BE81 096 218 580 124 - reference: 749000 CBKPRO211



Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences and Arts – campus Bloemenhof - Zespenningenstraat 70, 1000 Brussels


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